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Important Information for
NTCB Certified Professionals

General Information for All Alternative Health Professionals

Codex Alimentarius - What everyone should know about Codex Alimentarius.  Please inform yourself about laws intended to criminalize the Biofeedback and Neurotherapy professions.

Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs  - This video was recorded at Bauman College in cooperation with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.  It's widely acclaimed as one of the best overviews of this insidious "law" called Codex Alimentarius. (It takes a few minutes to download this.)

Should I Become a Licensed Spiritual Healer?

Critical Information for NTCB Certified Professionals

How to Write Your Own Professional Code of Ethics, Disclaimers and Informed Consent Forms - please visit Accredited Organizations coaching section and contact the appropriate coaching organization for up-to-date information.

90901 CPT Code - 90901 is not a ZIP code, it’s a CPT code.  This is the code insurance companies use to decide whether or not to pay for services rendered. UPDATED 5/11

How to Build Your Clinical Business and protect your assets and your business, obtain free listings and advertising.

How to Protect Yourself - By taking the proper precautions, biofeedback professionals can protect themselves against the uncertainties in natural health care brought about by Codex Alimentarius and the pharmaceutical industry. NOTE: Please contact the appropriate coaching organization for up-to-date information and visit the business information section of our website.

How to Defend Yourself - If you receive a letter or summons from a licensing agency in your state or province, answer this letter or summons as soon as humanly possible.  In most jurisdictions, if you do not answer the allegations of practicing something without a license, you are guilty as charged.  Then the discussion turns to what penalties you will suffer.

Important Biofeedback Clinical terms, definitions, contraindications, client confidentiality and more...

Laws Governing Biofeedback - All biofeedback devices operated in the USA, Canada, North, South and Central America, the European Union, British Commonwealth and most of Europe are clinical biofeedback devices by law. The government has the right to allow or to deny any manufacturer to manufacture market or sell any biofeedback device in their state, province or country.

More Information on Codex Alimentarius - articles specific to various natural therapies practitioners and about the organizations targeting them.

My Legal Obligations as a Biofeedback Practitioner - Priests and ministers are barred from disclosing any information about anybody given to them under the sacrament of confession.... Biofeedback professionals are not barred from disclosing any information about any illegal activities their clients confess to them. To the contrary, they are required by law to report all illegal activity or suspected illegal activity to the proper authorities.

What are Therapy & Coaching? A brief description of the differences.

General Information for Biofeedback and Neurotherapy Professionals

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CEU Requirements for Biofeedback

CEU Requirements for Neurotherapy

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