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*The Codex Alimentarius Commission
and the FDA

Editorial by John F. Gilbert, Ph.D.


Please bear with me, this gets complicated.  The United Nations established the World Trade Organization (WTO) at its inception with the consent of all member nations including the USA and Canada. The World Trade Organization sanctions countries who violate WTO rules and regulations with trade embargos, fines and confiscation of material goods under the authority of the UN. 

The UN established the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) in 1962 as a trade commission within the WTO to control the international trade of food. CAC has all the authority of the UN and all of the crippling trade sanctions of WTO to enforce their laws, rules and regulations. CAC invites UN countries to participate in the fair trade of food by signing the Codex Alimentarius Treaty.  That's what the USA did in June 2005 and Canada and Europe did a year earlier.

CAC almost immediately formed the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU). This committee is controlled by Big Pharma and has been since its inception.  The mission of CCNFSDU is to eliminate all competition to patented allopathic pharmaceuticals. Since 1994, both this committee and CAC have aggressively attacked pharmaceutical company competitors. Until recently these attacks were limited to demeaning, denigrating and editorial comments bordering on libel and slander. All of this changed in June, 2005 when the United States government ratified the Codex Alimentarius Treaty.

CCNFSDU has written thousands of standards and guidelines all adopted by CAC, WTO and the UN. I seriously doubt any of the representatives voting to adopt these standards and guidelines ever read them or understand them because these standards:
  • consider nutrition irrelevant to health
  • classify nutrients as toxins
  • classify vitamins as toxins
  • classify minerals as toxins
  • make clinically effective nutrients illegal
  • make clinically effective doses of vitamins illegal
  • make clinically effective doses of minerals illegal
  • constitute a document estimated to exceed 60,000 pages
But the most insidious standard established by CCNFSDU, and adopted by CAC, WTO and the UN, is to classify pharmaceuticals as the only effective cure for all physical, mental, emotional and psychological disorders, diseases and conditions. By law under the Codex Alimentarius Treaty, any other remedy is illegal and subject to all of the WTO and UN sanctions permitted by the UN Charter, the WTO Charter and the  Codex Alimentarius Treaty. This is in agreement with FDA law stating that the only agent that can cure anything is a pharmaceutical approved for that purpose.


The FDA is dependent upon Big Pharma to fund the majority portion of their billion dollar budget. That's the law established by congress and written by Big Pharma and their big puppet the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Make no mistake about it, Big Pharma literally owns and manages the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the Food and Drug Administration. Anybody who tells you otherwise is sadly misinformed. The bureaucrats play their part but in the end they do exactly what Big Pharma tells them to do.

When CAC announced only pharmaceuticals could legally cure any physical, psychological, mental or emotional disease, disorder or condition, the FDA promptly passed a law saying the same thing. Today in the USA it is illegal for anybody to promote the use of any product, except a pharmaceutical, as a cure or treatment for any medical, psychological, mental or emotional condition. The FDA has become the enforcement arm of the CAC here in America. Health Canada has become the enforcement arm for CAC in Canada and similar governmental agencies around the world are becoming CAC enforcement agencies as well.

The important thing about the Codex Alimentarius Treaty is that the Codex Alimentarius Commission has until December 31, 2009 to implement what is widely considered to be sixty some thousand pages of rules, regulations, laws, policies and procedures all designed to remove all competition from pharmaceutical drugs and make it illegal to dispense information, products and services in alternative health care. That's our deadline to stop the insanity. The best strategy for stopping and defeating the Codex Alimentarius Treaty is to convince our representatives and senators to keep DSHEA safe and secure every time Big Pharma, the FDA or CAC sponsor any legislation to implement Codex Alimentarius and dismantle DSHEA. At the same time, professionals in threatened industries are well advised to protect their chosen profession and their income.

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Protect Health Freedom from Codex Alimentarius. This website contains information, resources, and calls to action. You can also Watch this Video.

* "The views expressed in this letter are my own personal opinions and are not to be attributed to the Natural Therapies Certification Board.  Upon receipt of information that proves that my expressed views are false or incorrect I will issue the appropriate retractions and apologies."  Dr. John F. Gilbert



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