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Acupressure, Reflexology, & Shiatsu Organizations

The Natural Therapies Certification Board welcomes experienced Acupressure, Reflexology, and Shiatsu practitioners interested in helping us build a viable and vibrant presence in the professional community.

Cranial-Sacral Reflexology

Cranial-Sacral Reflexology trains the bones of the feet, which reflect the skull and the sacrum. This can be applied on its own or at the end of a normal reflexology session.
For more information please contact:
Martine Faure Alderson, D.O., N.D.
The Clinic of Natural Therapy
187 Ember Lane
East Molesey, Surrey KT8 OBU
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 8398 6943, Fax: 020 8398 9396

Chinese Hand Healing Acupressure

Contact: Don Hughes
Doctor of Reflexology
Doctor of Reflex Sciences
Certified Acupressure Therapist

Modern Institute of Reflexology

The first state approved and regulated private occupational school of reflexology in the USA.

Zachary Brinkerhoff, D.R – President/NTCB
Email: zachary@reflexologyinstitute.com

The Stone Institute LLC

The Stone Institute LLC offers classes and two levels certification in reflexology for laypersons, massage therapists, nurses, and healthcare professionals. Interactive workshops teach anatomy & physiology, techniques, business, ethics, and subjects pertinent for today's practitioners. A student only online library offers study guides, industry information, and more. Based in St Louis, MO, classes are held at affiliate schools throughout the country.

Contact The Stone Institute LLC at (636) 724-8686 for more information.

Touchpoint Institute of Reflexology and Kinesthetics

Classes with diplomas and certification in Reflexology on many levels and styles – Foot, Hand, Ear, Face, Body, Basic Practitioners and Advanced for both novice and experienced therapists. All classes are 85% hands-on while instructing anatomy, physiology, business skills ethics and more. Yvette Eastman (deceased), founder, director and primary instructor authored many manuals, developed charts and learning aids as well as many new types of classes such as Meridians, and Chakras on the feet. Other Touchpoint classes – Touch For Health, Emotional Freedom Technique, EmoTrance information and more

The organization is currently under the direction of Dr. Barbara Diaz, Interim Director
Phone: 780-851-4530
E mail: touchpointreflexology@yahoo.ca

Universal College of Reflexology 

A “Registered Centre of Excellence”, Universal College of Reflexology specializes in scientific Reflexology training. Students located throughout USA, Canada and 35 countries worldwide value the high standards. In addition to Accredited Foot, Hand and Ear Certification, nearly 3,000 hours of cutting edge curriculum offers students variety in Reflexology disciplines - Corporate, Women’s Health, Family, Maternity, Back Pain, Allergies, Thyroid, Digestion, Depression, Colour, Reading Feet, Anatomy Physiology, Quantum Reflexology “21st century energy medicine” and more. 

Flexible learning options facilitates students to attend full multimedia presentations on campus or study world-renowned distance education programs conveniently at home. Internationally Certified and skilled faculty assure all students a unique, passionate and inspiring learning experience. Educators are recognized authorities on Complementary Alternative Medicine, members of worldwide professional associations, and currently Chair NTCB Committees. 

Contact: Universal College of Reflexology
11215 Jasper Avenue, Suite 439
Edmonton, AB T5K 0L5 Canada
(780) 944-2576
“The Reflexology Specialists Since 1991”


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