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Reflexology Certification Requirements

The Natural Therapies Certification Board is accepting applications for certification from experienced Reflexologists. 

Certfication Options

There are four options for reflexologists to become certified.  They are:

Reciprocal Certification - available for those experienced professionals who are already certified in reflexology, acupressure or both and wish to transfer their certification. Must attach all educational credentials/certificates of completion and follow the application process.

Board Certification - available for professional reflexologists or acupressurists with 200 or more hours of professional experience. Must follow the Reflexology Blueprint, attach all credentials/certificates, and follow the application process.

Master Certification - must include at least five years experience (minimum of 5000 hours of professional experience) and recognition by one's peers as an expert reflexologist. All of the requirements of the Reflexology Blueprint must be met prior to certification as a Certified Master Reflexologist. Please attach your educational credentials/certificates of completion, include two letters of recommendation and submit requirements to the NTCB Executive Board for review by emailing ntcb.info@ gmail.com (no spaces).

Instructor Certification - available to experienced instructors who qualify for certification as an expert in reflexology, acupressure or both. Please review information for instructor certification.

Reflexology Blueprint

Certification requires 200 hours of training as a reflexologist, compliance with the Reflexology Blueprint and passing both a written and practical certification examination. All applicants must attach your educational credentials/certificates of completion.

Step 1
Copy of Certification of Completion of a professional reflexology program from a recognized school or training facility.

Step 2
Pass both a written Reflexology examination and a practical reflexology examination.

Step 3
Verification of professional reflexology training of at least 200 hours as follows:

  • Theory – at least 125 hours of training
    • Basic principles of Foot Reflexology
    • History
    • Science
    • Fundamentals of Foot Reflexology
    • Foot Anatomy. Physiology and Pathology
    • Body Systems as they relate to reflexes on the feet
    • Contra-indications & drug interactions
    • Reflexology techniques and foot sequence & routine
    • Consultation, Health Records, Session Protocols & Foot Checkup
    • Professionalism, Business, Marketing & Ethics

  • Practical – at least 75 hours of documented practical sessions

Step 4
Copy of Certificate of Completion of at least 30 hours of Anatomy & Physiology.

Step 5
Copy of Certification of Completion of 60 CEU of Professional Ethics, Practices and Informed Consent Form course and 45 CEUs of the Coaching Practicum/Basic Skills Workshop.


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