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Aromatherapy Coach

Certification Requirements

Certified Aromatherapy Coach (260 CEUs)

The NTCB offers the Aromatherapy Coach designations for those completing the following requirements: (NOTE: Raindrop students should take the CARE basic program first.)

20 CEU Professional Ethics
10 CEU Professional Practices
30 CEU Informed Consent Form
30 CEU Anatomy & Physiology Course (credit given for prior work)
45 CEU Basic Skills Coaching Workshop
75 CEU Aromatherapy Intensive Paradigm
50 CEU 500 hour Internship (includes work with clients and classes taken for the designation)

The above Classes may be taken from The Academy4Coaching, Spiritual Healer Coach or SHPLI. Please contact them for additional information and/or for registration.

For the Aromatherapy Intensive Paradigm ... please contact:

Chalyce McCloskey - Wisdom By Nature (also teaches the Basic Skills Workshop listed above. Teleconference Courses. Includes final exam.

Michelle Truman - Aromatherapy Intensive - teaches the Aromatherapy Intensive via online coursework ... work at your own pace. Includes a final exam.


WEEK 1: Introduction to Essential Oils

WEEK 2: The Biology of Essential Oils

WEEK 3: Introduction to Essential Oil Blends

WEEK 4: Essential Oils for First Aid

WEEK 5: Essential Oils for Pain Management

WEEK 6: Essential Oils for Detoxification

WEEK 7: Essential Oils for Peak Performance

WEEK 8: Essential Oils for Stress Management

WEEK 9: Essential Oils for Enhancing the Quality of Life

WEEK 10: Wrap Up & Exam


Recertification - 20 CEUs (Note: all applicants usually have enough CEUs for 3 yers after completing the Intensive)

This designation is designed to assist aromatherapy professionals so that they may legally practice aromatherapy in the USA and Canada. This is becoming more and more difficult since Codex Alimentarius became the law in both countries. 

State and Provincial licensing boards for massage therapy, allopathic medicine and psychology are becoming more and more aggressive in filing charges against natural therapies professionals for practicing their profession without a license.  Their goal, quite simply, is to take control of aromatherapy and make it illegal for non-licensed people to practice this profession.

For more information on this subject see this "must-read" article outlining the principles behind NTCB certification in aromatherapy:

Codex Alimentarius and Aromatherapy

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