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Accredited Organizations and Certified Instructors
for Biofeedback Practitioners

Anatomy and Physiology

Offers Anatomy & Physiology in webinar/teleconference format to help the student understand the curriculum. The course is 30 CEUs, covers all major systems and meets once per week for five weeks. Includes an examination and homework. For more information, please visit their website, go to Training, Step #5.

Academy 4 Coaching

A free self-study course - please read the material and test out for a small fee: http://academy4c.com . Please call 800-838-1931, Ext. 4 for more information.

Integrity Biofeedback
Integrity Biofeedback Academy is offering a Comprehensive self-study Anatomy and Physiology course. Completion will fulfill A & P requirements for the NTCB and other boards in the network.

Biofeedback Organizations

Academy of BioEnergetics
18820 East Highway N
Humansville, MO 65674-8785
Offering seminars, workshops, formal classroom instruction and supervision for a variety of modalities including biofeedback, color and sound therapy, EDS and EAV testing, stress management and pain relief technology.  Zenia Richler, President, can be reached directly at academybe@tri-lakes.net.

Advanced Brain Technologies
Alex Dillman of Advanced Brain Technologies developed the Brain Builder as a digit-span software package to build brain power by improving both short-term and long-term memory.  Read our review and learn how you can earn CEU for teaching yourself how to use this program.  For more information about this software, visit the website or contact Mitch Walker at 888-228-1798.

2 Locations:
Naperville, Illinois
Asheville, NC (easy access from Atlanta, GA & Charlotte, NC)

Priscilla Grant, N.D., CBS & Instructor Bioenergetics4U

Linda Loewer , CBS & Instructor, LMT, LSH, CA

Offering LIFE System Basic & Advanced Training (Group & Individual), Training & CEU’s for your Certified Biofeedback Technician (CBT) designation, Supervision as required for your Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS) designation, How to Successfully Market your Business courses, and on-going, One-on-One Practitioner Coaching & Business Consulting. Check out our free Monthly LIFE Talk under NTCB CEUs. You must RSVP to attend.

Blue Sun Energetics- The Professional Development Series
Offered by Erina Cowan to give practitioners in Biofeedback an opportunity to explore deeper topics and techniques both for their own development and to enhance their practices. Erina shares from jer own practices and experiences 'what works' in helping move ourselves and our clients to a higher experience of understanding, being and inner healing. For more information, please visit their website.

California Institute for Human Science
The institute, a state approved graduate school and research institute, offers graduate programs and workshops in Integral Health, Integral Psychology, and Life Physics, which emphasize the importance of mind, body and spirit integration for human wellbeing. Programs offer many courses that explore the role of bioelectric and subtle energy in health including Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.  
For information email: info@cihs.edu or call (760) 634-1771.

Heartmath, LLC
Developed a heart-rate variability biofeedback program called the Freeze-Framer Interactive Learning System.  They offer several seminars and workshops each year regarding their tools for stress reduction.  Contact Carol Thompson at 831-338-8781 for more information.


Faith Nelson-Eagles RN,PHD,MQI

Dr. Nelson is a Integrative Healthcare specialist now offering independent Practicum courses to complete your Biofeedback Certifications thru NTCB.  Intensive weekend trainings for Biofeedback Beginners/Int-Adv courses or Auricular therapy practicums, will meet your requirements towards certification. She also is offering workshops and online CEU webinars thru www.IQUIM.org  For more information, please visit www.drfaithnelson.com or call to register/inquire of the next upcoming classes (group trainings also offered in your area for min. 10 students) or private online trainings/sessions: 417-882-2402


Gage Tarrant

Certified Mind Energy Coaches teach their clients the different ways the human mind processes information on both the conscious and superconscious levels, how that information is stored and operates mentally, emotionally and physically, and help clients deeply integrate powerful new subconscious information as an operative support system within their "life script". The Mind Energy Coaching method creates lasting positive change on multiple levels of being. Certified Mind Energy Coaches also educate their clients about how the early stages of development play a role in thinking and success, and facilitate clients in replacing negative beliefs with positive ones that support their goals. “Certified Mind Energy Coach” is the prerequisite designation while studying to be a Licensed Mind Energy Spiritual Healer. Mind Energy Coaches use biofeedback equipment to support their clients and are amongst the most skilled and successful professionals in the field of self improvement.

For more information, contact Gage at gage@mindnrg.org, 310-829-7000, or visit her website.


Integrity Biofeedback Academy - Bonita Springs, FL
Instructors Brenda Judah, CBI, and Sharron Oyer, CBI, M.Ed., offer basic, intermediate, and advanced courses for the L.I.F.E. System, Biofeedback, Stress/Pain Management, as well as, continuing education for NTCB CEU credit. Programs lead to NTCB certification.

Building on the Basics Course:  If you received prior training that did not offer NTCB certification, or if you need a thorough review of the basics including the legalities and in depth instruction of all L.I.F.E. System profiles, with all your questions answered, this course is for you.  This is a 10 hour online web based training and includes a practicum. 

Zero Point Connection bi-weekly support classes:  These classes follow the question and answer format for the L.I.F.E. System, as well as, provide general biofeedback information.  The classes will be recorded if you cannot attend “live”.  For more information please visit:  http://biofeedbackedu.com , or email integritybiofeedback@gmail.com or call (239) 221-8977

  • Q & A time

  • Practitioner Interviews (focusing on how the iNfnity app and L.I.F.E. System are being used effectively, testimonials, marketing ideas, etc.)

  • Professional Interviews (legal issue updates, current health care trends, etc.)

  • Recommended book of the month from IBA bookstore (focused on latest scientific discoveries and research as related to biofeedback, connecting to the “zero point” field)

For on-line course details or more information, please visit their website, email integritybiofeedback@gmail.com or call: Office Phone: 239-221-8977.

Quantum University

Quantum University offers certified technicians and specialists many online courses in Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Human Anatomy, many more. These specific stand-alone courses are a part of degree programs in Natural and Integrative Medicine. Contact Quantum University at 877-888-8970 for more information go to www.QuantumUniversity.com

The Medical Biofeedback Association (MBACB)
The Medical Biofeedback Association and Certification Board is formed to properly train the medical community in the proper medical model for supervising qualified biofeedback technicians. Specifically, MBACB offers membership and supervision training and assistance to licensed Chiropractors, Dentists, Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Psychotherapists, Veterinarians and other licensed health care professionals.

Natural Solutions Institute
Offers L.I.F.E. System Biofeedback Basic Training and Certification Training for CBT designation according to the NTCB blueprint.  Also, offers CBS Certification Training which includes Advanced Training using the L.I.F.E. System, Supervision, and Biofeedback Coach.  Workshops are offered for CEUs toward re-certification as well.
Contact: Charlotte Campbell CBS,CBI
President and Instructor
Email: charlottecampbell2000@yahoo.com

Testing Out of the A & P Exam:



Pacific Health Options
Pacific Health Options offers training in the following:

Pain management – Using Interactive neuro technology (SCENAR) – this technology is cleared by the FDA and is covered by private, Workmen’s Compensation as well as Medicare; Stress reduction – because many of our common diseases are stress related, it is PHO’s belief that in all health issues, the Causal factor must first be addressed; Enhance peak performance: PHO conducts training seminars not only in Physiology Biofeedback but also in Neurofeedback utilizing advanced equipment and training

For more information on Training and other non invasive solutions to everyday health challenges, please contact:

Dr. John Hache, CBI/CBS, PhyD, HD, ND, DNM
Tel: 250-338-1885 Fax: 250-871-1886
www.scenarlife.com or www.pacifichealthoptions.com

Gayla F. Erickson, Certified Biofeedback Instructor offering LIFE Systems Training for certification. Please contact Gayla by calling: 509-586-6574 or email organicstore@hotmail.com

The Vital Connection
We work cooperatively with the Holistic Community to present Professional Education and have the opportunity to learn in your home with Master Instructors. With this dedicated relationship we now are focused on empowering you with the most up-to-date information as soon as it is available!!!

Our Holistic Health Philosophy promotes the care of the entire person, with the inclusion of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical factors. Vital Connection’s education adheres to these basic principles and teaches accordingly, by providing online natural health programs. Our Online Education programs provide students with knowledge and skills for philosophical and practical applications of reducing stress within themselves and clients. For contact information, e-mail info@vital-connection.com, phone (720) 496.4504, (720) 496.4516 or fax (720) 368.5151

White Dove Healing Arts
Offers correspondence courses with an audio CD-ROM series and webinars given by William J. Cunningham. The Homeo-Therapeutic Coach certification (HTC) course is 60 CEU.  For more information on the HTC designation or other courses for CEUs, please contact William or Patricia Cunningham at (303) 828-4439 at White Dove Healing Arts, Ltd. or check our website under Types of Certification.

The Wild Divine
The Journey of the Wild Divine is an "inner-active" computer program and biofeedback device.  Read our review and learn how you can earn CEU for teaching yourself how to use the Wild Divine.  For more information contact Kim Golden at 866-594-9453 or visit the website to see a demonstration.

Coaching Organizations

Biofeeedback Coach teaches coaching skills for all biofeedback and neurofeedback professionals to help you empower your clients to heal themselves. Please visit our website or call us at 800-710-1539, ext. 4 with your questions and concerns. Our Certified Biofeedback Coach Instructors will be happy to assist you.

Other Accredited Organizations

Certified Instructors - Please note: Biofeedback Instructors/Supervisors in good standing have achieved a score higher than 94% on the NTCB exam.

Certified Biofeedback Instructors

Certified Neurotherapy Instructors




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