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The NTCB Certification Process

The first step toward certification is to become certified as a technician. Having been certified as a technician, candidates may then accomplish certification as a specialist. PLEASE NOTE: Technicians have one year to complete their requirements to become Biofeedback Specialists.

STEP 1 – Candidates must study the materials concerning Codes of Ethics, Informed Consent Forms, and Client Confidentiality in the NTCB Information section of our website. 

STEP 2 - Candidates complete 85 CEU of basic skills training with an approved education organization (scroll to bottom of page for links to biofeedback / neurofeedback organizations) or a certified biofeedback or neurotherapy instructor. Review the appropriate blueprint requirements to become a certified technician in either biofeedback or neurotherapy. The three most important components of the Technician Blueprint requirements for certification are:

  • Code of Professional Ethics *
  • Informed Consent Form *
  • Ten hour practicum of face-to-face, hands-on,or remote viewing biofeedback training on classmates or clients using a biofeedback device with a supervisor present

    * Part of the Coaching Correspondence Course.

STEP 3 - Candidates must complete the technician application process for either biofeedback or neurotherapy and return it to NTCB.

STEP 4 – Candidates are expected to complete intermediate and advanced training within one year of becoming certified as a technician.  The most three important components of this additional training are:

  • Complete a course on anatomy and physiology if you have not already done so
  • Complete a coaching workshop unless licensed to prescribe or diagnose
  • Finish intermediate and advanced clinical skills training

STEP 5 - Upon mastering the technician requirements, complete the requirements for certification as either a biofeedback or neurofeedback specialist and pass the proctored Specialist Certification Examination.


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