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Biofeedback Recertification

CEU Requirements for Recertification

Twenty (20) CEU are required for re-certification every year.  CEU in any of the following areas offered by an approved vendor may be counted toward re-certification:

  • Biofeedback and Related Therapies
  • Muscle Re-education and Relaxation Techniques
  • Professional Ethics and Practices
  • Side Effects of Neurotherapy Training
  • Stress and Stress Management Techniques
  • Pain and Pain Management Techniques

All workshops, seminars and courses offered by any of the NTCB approved education organizations are authorized to issue 1 CEU for each fifty minutes or 8 CEU for each seven hours of instruction or supervision.  These CEU are accepted by NTCB for certification and re-certification purposes.

INSTRUCTION includes correspondence or Internet-based courses, audio or video tapes, telephone conferencing and face-to-face communications.  There is no limit to the maximum number CEU that may be applied to re-certification by interns or specialists.  Instructors are limited to a maximum of 10 CEU for being an instructor

SUPERVISION includes internships and practicum as well as mentoring by a certified supervisor or instructor, or by a qualified specialist working under the authority of an NTCB approved education organization.  There is a maximum of 10 CEU for being supervised that interns and technicians may apply towards re-certification. Supervisors are limited to a maximum of 10 CEU for being a supervisor.

Workshops, seminars and courses taught by any NTCB Certified Instructor counts toward certification and re-certification as evidenced by the CEU forms issued by the instructor. 

Workshops, seminars and courses taken at any approved biofeedback, pain management or stress management conference are accepted for CEU on the basis of one (1) CEU for each fifty (50) minutes of attendance.  Conferences run under the auspices of any generally accepted professional organization are accepted for CEU without prior approval.  All other conferences require the approval of the Board.

Courses successfully completed at any state or province-approved educational institution counts toward meeting certification and re-certification requirements on the basis of fourteen (14) CEU for each semester hour of course credit.  Copies of transcripts or grade sheets will serve as evidence of completion.

Rules for Recertification

  • 20 CEUs are required for recertification. You do not need to send your certificates/forms to the NTCB. These documents must be kept on file for 2 years. Certification will be rescinded if CEU records are falsified.

  • You may claim CEUs not previously used back 3 years. If you have an overabudance of CEUs, you may request they be maintained on file for future renewals.

  • If you do not have 20 CEUs in Biofeedback - A minimum of 10 CEU must be in biofeedback education: anatomy, physiology, neurotherapy, clinical skills, protocols or research, coaching or professional ethics.

  • A maximum of 10 CEU may be earned in healthcare, alternative healthcare, or self-improvement courses, seminars or workshops intended to improve the clinical skills and business practices of the biofeedback professional.

  • Completion and submission of the Biofeedback Recertification Application along with $65 fee.

  • All CEU may apply to more than one NTCB certifications. Dual certification does not require double CEU for re-certification.

  • Certified Biofeedback Specialists who have not already satisfied the coaching workshop requirement must do so during their next recertification unless this requirement has been waived by the Board.

Important Information

We encourage you and your supervisor to familiarize yourself with the NTCB Blueprints and the NTCB Supervision Model and we recommend you read the Important Information pages provided for Biofeedback and Neurotherapy Professionals. Also, be sure to check the CEU Events and Training section of our website for CEU workshop and training information.



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