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Biofeedback Certification Requirements

Blueprint for Technicians

The candidates requesting certification in biofeedback as a Certified Biofeedback Technician must meet all of the requirements of the biofeedback technician blueprint and must also have a qualified supervisor.  The requirement for 85 CEU of instruction includes a minimum for 24 CEU under the direct supervision of the instructor in a face-to-face setting including hands-on training with biofeedback devices. Candidates must complete a technician application and follow the steps for submitting the application.

NOTE 1: Biofeedback technicians have one year to complete their requirements to become Biofeedback Specialists.


Blueprint for Examination / Study - Specialist Blueprint

The candidate for certification in biofeedback will meet all of the requirements of the biofeedback blueprint and pass a certification examination with their instructor.  Candidates must complete a specialist application and follow the steps for submitting the application. When passing the certification examination, candidates may also choose to be certified as a biofeedback specialist, pain and/or stress management specialist as well as obtain certification in specialty areas of biofeedback equipment.

Biofeedback Supervisor or Instructor

Supervisors or Instructors preparing candidates for certification in biofeedback must follow the NTCB model for supervision. It is advisable that all candidates for NTCB certification review the information that covers these relevant topics. Biofeedback Instructors/Supervisors in good standing have achieved a score higher than 94% on the NTCB exam.


Twenty (20) continuting education units (CEU) are required for recertification every year.  In order to recertify, specialists must complete 20 CEU per year to renew certification. Please review the CEU recertification blueprint in order to renew your certification.


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