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Mind Energy Coach Certification

Certified Mind Energy Coaches teach their clients the different ways the human mind processes information on both the conscious and superconscious levels, how that information is stored and operates mentally, emotionally and physically, and help clients deeply integrate powerful new subconscious information as an operative support system within their "life script". The Mind Energy Coaching method creates lasting positive change on multiple levels of being. Certified Mind Energy Coaches also educate their clients about how the early stages of development play a role in thinking and success, and facilitate clients in replacing negative beliefs with positive ones that support their goals. “Certified Mind Energy Coach” is the prerequisite designation while studying to be a Licensed Mind Energy Spiritual Healer. Mind Energy Coaches use biofeedback equipment to support their clients and are amongst the most skilled and successful professionals in the field of self improvement.

The NTCB is now accepting applications from those completing the following requirements.


  • Certified Biofeedback Specialist designation.

  • All Coaching Requirements must be satisfied.

  • Completion of Practicum listed below from MindNrg.org


  • 35 CEU
    • 24 CEU Completion of the Human Growth, Development and Recovery course, “Core Foundations”, or the video equivalent
    • 11 CEU of supervised practicum sessions, including an essay submission summarizing the practicum session work
    • Mind Energy Coach Certification Online Test - passing grade of 85% or higher

If you qualify for this designation please apply by:

1. Completing the Application.
2. Following the NTCB application steps.
3. Attaching your educational credentials and/or certificates of completion.

Certification is $65 and renewals are $65/year. No matter how many designations you hold, you must complete 20 CEUs/year in continuing education.

If you have any questions about your qualifications, please contact the NTCB by emailing ntcb.info@ gmail.com (no spaces) or contacting the MindNrg.Org.



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