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Types of Certification

Please note that our certifications are trademarked.
Please see History & Trademarks for more information.

Acupressure certification covers pressure applied to acupuncture points by the hand, elbow, or with other various devices.
Aromatherapy or Raindrop (including animal raindrop) certification includes the use of essential plant oils for stress reduction, pain management, first aid, detoxification, enhancing the quality of life and improving performance. For those working with vibrational techniques, please check here for Vibrational Raindrop (AromaSounds) or Raindrop Harmonics.
Biofeedback certification is also available under the titles of bioenergetics, bioresonance, neurofeedback, or neurotherapy
Chi-to-Be! certification is for those members who are trained as a Chi-Generating Oil Anointing Technique Specialist, and/or Chi-To-Be! Chi-Generating Oil Anointing Technique Instructor for the purpose of using Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges in their lives
Homeopathic Coach, Homeo-Therapeutic Coach and Quantum Homeopath Coach certification is for trained professionals who help others use the science of healing within.
Hypnotist Coach certification is reserved for trained hypnotherapists who primarily use hypnotism in their natural healing practice.
Integrated Essential Oils certification is for those seeking certification as Essential Oil or Waterfall Technique Specialists.
Integrated Therapies - offers training in the practical and spiritual uses of therapeutic Essential Oils and supplements and in other Natural Health modalities to promote healthy living. {Link is to applications; Check out their website by clicking here.]
Mind Energy Coach - Certified Mind Energy Coaches teach their clients the different ways the human mind processes information on both the conscious and superconscious levels.
Natural Therapies Coach is a generic form of certification that can include most natural healing techniques and modalities in the field of natural therapies.
Naturopath Coach certification requires training in nutrition, biology, herbology, hormonology, homeopathy, and other modalities which are combined into a coherent healthcare approach.
Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy
Quantum Health or Wellness - uses non-invasive technology based on quantum physics - Please see biofeedback blueprint for requirements
Pain Management certification is available for a variety of pain management techniques and modalities.
Pain Management Coach - Light Energy certification is available for those using Light Therapy
Reflexology certification is available for any of the four major techniques taught in North America and the oriental modalities
Shiatsu certification is specifically for the traditional Japanese hands-on technique.
Sound Coach certification requires training in using sound energy waves that travel through specific tools.
Stress Management certification is available for natural therapies professionals who specialize in helping clients reduce their stress using a variety of techniques.
Stress Management Coach - PLT certification is available for those using Polychromatic Light Technologies 
Vibrational Raindrop Technique (AromaSounds) ... Raindrop Harmonics certification is available for those professional who specialize in utilizing essential oils and Sound Therapy.




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