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NTCB Accrediting Requirements
for Neurofeedback Educational Organizations

Any neurofeedback education organization may petition the NTCB Executive Board to be recognized as an approved neurofeedback educational organization.  The requirements for an organization to become approved and maintain that approval are:

  1. Submit to the Executive Board a copy of your curriculum vitae, mission statement for your education business and an outline for all of the courses you plan to teach during the next twelve months to meet requirements of the NTCB Blueprint.
  2. Operate with the highest ethical and professional standards.
  3. Follow the outline of the required elements of the NTCB Blueprint for all courses preparing students for the certification examination.
  4. Follow your own outline and NTCB Blueprint for all other courses intended to confer CEU for recertification.
  5. Maintain an excellent instructional staff.
  6. Send NTCB a news release for all upcoming Neurofeedback and related events whenever you want us to publicize these events in NTCB News.
  7. Charge a reasonable fee for all your Neurotherapy products and services.

Organizations selected by the NTCB Executive Board to become approved have the authority to:

  1. Issue continuing education units on the basis of one CEU for each 50 minutes of instruction or supervision applicable under the NTCB Neurofeedback Blueprint.
  2. Maintain sole ownership for all curriculum developed by your organization without any interference from NTCB.
  3. Control course content of any courses you teach and develop whether to satisfy requirements of the NTCB Neurofeedback Blueprint or not.
  4. Include any NTCB materials in your courses with our permission.
  5. Develop new courses for the NTCB Neurofeedback community and any other communities you decide to include without any interference from NTCB.



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