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Certifying Employees: The NTCB Technician Program

The NTCB supports the growth of private clinics through the use of properly trained neurofeedback technicians.  You may certify technicians working for you as employees or independent contractors in one or more of the following areas of expertise:
  1. Certified Pain Management Technician (CPMT)
  2. Certified Stress Management Technician (CSMT)
  3. Certified Biofeedback Technician (CBT)
  4. Certified Neurofeedback Technician (CNT)

Certification as a technician under your supervision requires completion of the requirements of the NTCB Neurofeedback Technician Blueprint.  How your technicians complete these requirements is entirely up to you.  Your decision on how your technicians will learn these skills is final.

Your neurofeedback employees and contracted biofeedback technicians may be initially certified in one or more of the above areas of expertise for three years by completing the Certified Technician Application.  The fees for initial certification are $65 per certification.  Please contact the NTCB at ntcb.info@ gmail.com (no spaces) or call us at 800-710-1539, ext. 1 for information on group discounts.

NOTE:  The Medical Biofeedback Association and Certification Board (MBACB) is formed to train the medical community in the proper medical model for supervising qualified biofeedback technicians. Specifically, MBACB offers membership and supervision training and assistance to licensed Chiropractors, Dentists, Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Psycologists, Psychotherapists and Veterinarians.  Please visit the MBACB website for more information.


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