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Neurofeedback Certification Requirements

Blueprint for Technicians

The candidate for certification in neurotherapy as a Certified Neurofeedback Technician will meet all of the requirements of the Neurotherapy Blueprint for the Preparation of Certified Neurofeedback Technicians and have a qualified supervisor.  The requirement for 85 CEU of instruction includes a minimum for 24 CEU under the direct supervision of the instructor in a face-to-face setting including hands-on training with Neurotherapy devices.

Candidates must complete a technician application and follow the proper steps for submitting the application.

SPECIAL NOTE: Technicians have one year to complete their requirements to become Neurotherapists.

Blueprint for Examination Study

The candidate for certification in neurofeedback will meet all of the requirements of the Neurofeedback Blueprint and pass the certification examination.  When you pass that examination you may become certified as a Neurofeedback Specialist, Stress Management Specialist, or both. 

Candidates must complete a Neurofeedback Specialist application and follow the proper steps for submitting the application. For applicants who were previously certified by a nationally recognized neurofeedback certification board, please submit the Reciprocal Neurofeedback application.

SPECIAL NOTE: While there is no requirement for learning Biofeedback Theory and Practice to be certified as a neurotherapy technician or specialist, it is suggested that candidates also meet the requirements of the Biofeedback Blueprint.


Twenty (20) continuting education units (CEU) are required for recertification every year.  In order to recertifiy, specialists must complete 20 CEU per year to renew certification. Please review the CEU recertification blueprint in order to renew your certification.

Earn CEU Credit for Self-Learning

The NTCB will award you to earn up to ten (10) CEU, at the rate of one (1) CEU for every hour of practice, for learning how to use Brain Builder, a software digit-span program used to increase memory span and other cognitive skills.  This is entirely a self-study program.  The manual is short and to the point and you can learn how to use this program without attending a workshop. To learn more, read a review article, visit the Brain Builder website and/or contact the NTCB by emailing ntcb.info@ gmail.com (no spaces).



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