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Certified Sound Coach

The NTCB certifies graduates of Sound Coach Training from an approved organization
who meet the following requirements:

Certified Sound Coach

  • 10 CEU Professional Practices

  • 20 CEU Professional Ethics

  • 30 CEU Informed Consent Form

  • 15 CEU Basic Skills Training

  • 30 CEU Supervised Practicum

  • 45 CEU Basic Skills Coaching Workshop

  • 15 CEU Intermediate/Advanced Training

  • 30 CEU 300 Hour Internship

  • 30 CEU Anatomy & Physiology



Upon fulfilling the requirements please:

1. Complete the correct application for Sound Coach graduates.

2. Follow the NTCB application steps.

3. Be sure to attach your educational credentials and/or certificates of completion.

4. 20 CEUs are expected yearly for recertification after the first year of renewal. A minimum of 10 CEUs must be in Sound Theory studies - books, DVDs, workshops, discussion groups; 10 CEUs may be in alternative therapies or business/professional development.



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